Racing 2016 — Notice to Competitors — Thursday Spring & Fall Series Class Splits

For the Thursday-Night Spring and Fall Series, the PHRF class will be split into the same divisions B and C as last year.

PHRF B– 187
PHRF C188 –

These splits are based on boats who have registered. You are required to register before racing. If you haven't done so already please register now.

Registrants as of May 18th
SkipperBoatMakeIn ClassRtg
SkipperBoatMakeIn ClassRtg
Vagabond749 VagabondC & C 27JOG208
Derek White47561 NeptuneEricson 27JOG244
John Marentette99 SpitfireMelges 24PHRF B99
Rene Brown54 Mai ToiMirage 33PHRF B150
Tom Elsdon1462 SurpriseJ 22PHRF B170
Gary Gavin42998 RaiderViking 28 IBPHRF B183
Kelly Johnson14031 ShenanigansViking 28 IB PHRF B183
David Robichaud619 No Resistance IICC 27 MKIIIPHRF C195
Jeff Kepran50 CeilidhNiagara 26PHRF C195
Roger Renaud1084 One Too ManyThunderbirdPHRF C195
John Shaw1829 MegabyteSharkPHRF C225
Darcy Fuller1454 CheersSharkPHRF C225

A Preliminary 2016 Spring Series Scratch Sheet also shows boats that raced in 2015 but have not (yet) registered for 2016.